Physical Therapy

At Kinetic Rehabilitation Services, our physical therapists will help you improve and restore your mobility and reduce your pain so that you can return to your daily activities.  Our physical therapists utilize researched and established techniques that help get you better faster.  

Your physical therapist at Kinetic Rehabilitation Services can help you if you have:


Back pain

Shoulder pain

Knee pain

Hip pain


Overuse injuries

Sports injuries

Neurological disorders such as: stroke, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s, brain injury, spinal cord injury

Sprains and strains


Balance problems

And many other diagnoses!

Our physical therapists also work with you before you are scheduled for surgery to help strengthen your body and prepare you for the recovery afterwards. 

What to expect:

You should dress comfortably for your appointments.  Workout clothes or other light-weight clothing and sneakers are preferred.  You should wear shorts if you will be receiving treatment for a lower extremity condition (hips, knees or ankles) and a t-shirt or tank top for an upper extremity (shoulder or elbow) and neck conditions.

We ask that you arrive at least 15 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment to fill out the necessary medical and insurance paperwork, or please see our Forms page to fill these out at home prior to your appointment.

At your first visit, your physical therapist will complete an initial evaluation and develop a plan of care utilizing a variety of treatment techniques and modalities while discussing your goals with you.  At Kinetic Rehabilitation Services we strive to maintain a continuity of care where you work primarily with one of our licensed Physical Therapists or Physical Therapy Assistants who works under the supervision and direction of the physical therapist. 


For more information regarding the scope of what physical therapists at Kinetic Rehabilitation Services can help you with, please visit the 

American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) 

924 Town Center
New Britain, PA 18901

Kinetic Rehabilitation Services, P.C.